Inner Peace & Calmness in a Crisis - my first article

Are you searching for inner peace?

Unable to find yourself?  Your daily dose to get your share of peace, happiness, and love back to yourself.

Take a few minutes or an hour out of your busiest schedule just to rejuvenate yourself.

1. Meditate :


-The early riser can just meditate for 10-15 minutes in the morning. Those who all are reading sitting out there and thinking about how to start. For them, “you can use the Sadhguru app for your initial stage”.

-The Night owl also can do meditation for 10-15 minutes before sleep.

2.  The Beauty of Nature:


-You can go to the park for an early morning walk and while returning you can also grab something to eat so that you won’t get late for your work.

-Weekend plans: You can travel to the nearest viewpoint or peak point and relax.

-Long Weekend: Plan for trekking and explore the beauty of nature. This can be done alone, with family and even with friends.

3. Fitness :


Fitness is very important for good health. You can keep yourself fit and active by doing the workout in the gym or at home, Zumba, Dance, cycling, brisk walking, swimming, Yoga, Martial Arts, and the list goes on.Fitness will make you more productive.

4. Deep Breathe & Stress relief :


-Whenever you are stressed or in anger, just go away from the situation and take a deep breathe at least for 6-10 times and drink a glass of water even though you are not thirsty. This will give you calmness.

So, do how much you can. Don’t push yourself to the extremes that you won’t be able to handle yourself.

5. Read/Write:


-Narrate your best experiences, emotions, your reviews that could be Fiction, Romance, Novel, etc.. Pour your thoughts in the mojoreads platform because you never know when people across the globe get to like your thoughts and start sharing them. With mojoreads, as you buy books, you earn credits and as you write and share your work, you earn followers.