Frederica Chapman

A Girl's Gateway to Womanhood, Part II for Mothers and Mentors: The Right of Passage Guidebook

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Help your girl retain her own voice, her spontaneity, her truth. Watch her emerge as a unique and confident young woman! This book offers inspiration and support to help you celebrate your girl's transition from childhood to adulthood with awareness and joy. Written for both Mothers and Mentors, it highlights your part in the process as your girl designs her very own rite of passage, and Gateway Celebration. "When we claim the realities and the concerns specific to our genders, and when we welcome our youth into their gender group, we will be calling forth the best they have to offer, we will be helping them believe in themselves." an excerpt... "In this age, when our adolescent girls are bombarded with media images of sexuality, and pressured to comply with artificial female stereotypes. they need access to positive female role models to help them discover who they are as individuals, and who they wish to become. The Gateway book provides a roadmap for girls to make conscious and self-affirming choices as they step onto the road to womanhood." Rebecca Gervais, Middle School teacher "Frederica Chapman brings an essential gift to young women and to the elder women who love them. When genuinely experienced, rites of passage bestow maturity on the individual and on the culture." Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst, author of "Conscious Femininity" Part II of this three-part series, recounts the author's experience with her own daughter's initiation, including first-hand information and tips on how you, as Mother, and as Mentor, can play your part in supporting your girl's initiation process, and her culminating Celebration. Rather than look to puberty as a predictable time for your girl to rebel, you could trust the foundation you have built with your girl up till now. Yes, she needs space in which to discover herself, but with your help and permission, she could make her necessary discoveries and changes in a constructive manner. Continuing to believe in your child's goodness and ability to make positive choices will encourage her to do so. Bittersweet is the moment when a Mother decides to step back, herself, to make room for her daughter's relationships with her Mentors. However, when she does so, the rewards can be enlightening for everyone involved. Truly a wonderful investment of time and love!
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