Beneath the EyesBeneath the Eyes
Upender Reddy

Beneath the Eyes

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Everyone gathered around as the child opened his eyes. They stared at the monitor as the chip attached to the child's optic nerve began to relay his vision on it. There was nothing. The child appeared to watch an empty corner of the room, focusing his eyes on something invisible. The people around followed his gaze, but could only see a blank wall. Puzzled, they looked at each other inquiringly. The child continued to stare.
“Look!” said Natasha, suddenly. The monitor on the table came to life, and a faint image began to form on the screen. As they all watched intently, the faint image began to form the dark shape of a human. In a few moments, there was a hazy outline of a woman staggering towards the door. The image soon became clear, taking the distinct form of a woman. Slowly, she appeared to come closer to the screen. All of a sudden, her face became clear. She raised her eyes and looked at them. Everyone gasped and fell back, frozen.....

Upender Reddy is a hard-core software professional in the IT field. As a voracious reader, he has harboured a long-standing ambition to author a good book himself. A sworn Hyderabadi with simple tastes but brilliant thoughts, Upender aims to create stories that compel, intrigue, challenge, educate, and entertain readers.


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woman, shadow, colorblind, Hospital, child, parents
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The storyline starts off very well with the haunting trepidation story in a strong characterization of the plotting in a scenic order. Plots could be visualised while reading the saga.
Started with this Amazing Book @Beneath The Eyes by @Upender Reddy. Its just simply amazing with lots of hidden climax. Do read this book if you are looking for some Horror stories.
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!him to begin looking up a wide range of books on the anatomy of human eyes as he began toying with the idea of conducting research in the area. Time quickly passed and over eight months of active research Basu met several medical experts on eyes with detailed inquiry into the functions and the behaviour of eyes at different stages of human life. He met ophthalmologists and optometrists and even opticians, and everyone associated with eye care. He also met several patients who had complete eye and cornea transplants done after being either born blind or visually impaired through trauma. And he learnt a lot on the subject. Within a year of his research and extensive study of the subject, Basu decided to combine his own expertise in software and medical computing and began working on creating a new procedure in which visuals seen through a patient’s eyes can be intercepted, interpreted and viewed on a monitor. Researching and experimenting with different ways in which this can be achieved and spending tons of time working on the theory Basu lost track of time and his own health. Each day as soon as he came home from work around 6 PM, he entered his study and confined himself, coming down only for a quick supper, immediately after which he would go back to working in his study. As the days and weeks pass without any change in Basu’s obsessive working, Asha began to worry wondering what Basu might be doing in his study and what he is working on so relentlessly. She never dared to step into his study knowing Basu’s temper when he is seriously engrossed in work, making quick trips to the doorway of his study only when summoned, either to pass some refreshment or handing him over something else, but never venturing inside. One evening having finally given up, Asha decided to confront Basu in his study room and query about all this seemingly weird behaviour. She climbs up the stairs and walks towards the room and tries to open the door but finds the door locked from inside. She then knocks on the door and waits for few moments, but receiving no response knocks harder. Basu opens the door and enquiringly looks at his wife and walks back inside leaving the door open for her to come in and sits on the chair continuing to read the book he left, completely oblivious of Asha’s presence. Asha looks at all those books and picks one up randomly and turns a few pages casually. She then observes that few sentences were marked in yellow in all the pages and this was done for every book. She also finds various anatomical diagrams of eyes and the eye structure on boards which were hanging on the walls and also several electrical circuit diagrams right next to them. She then asks Basu what all that was about and what he was actually working on. Basu says “I will tell you when it’s completed.” Asha asks “why can’t you tell now?” to which he says “No, because right now I can’t, and you won’t understand. Please let me continue my work.” Exasperated and annoyed, but puzzled all the same Asha walks out feeling quite frustrated. A few minutes later as she emotionally stabilizes she says to herself “maybe I am wrong in trying to meddle with what he is doing. He surely loves and respects me and I guess I will let him take his own time to reveal what he is up to.”


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