Shawn Shewchuk

Change Your Mind, Change Your Results

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For most people, success seems not only elusive, but a complete mystery. We see people all around us getting what they want, living happy and fulfilling lives, but don't understand why it isn't working for us. What can we do to change our results? Author Shawn Shewchuk knows exactly how that feels. He worked hard and made choices that he thought would lead to success, but while he was working hard, his relationships suffered and debt mounted until finally the house of cards came tumbling down. He went from being what he thought was financially secure, to bankrupt, divorced and homeless in a matter of months. While the experience was difficult, as he reassessed his life, it finally became clear that he'd been going about his attempts at success completely backward! As Shawn discovered the enigmas to real wealth creation and balance in his own life, his results soared and now yours can too. Change Your Mind, Change Your Results was created from Shawn's own experience and he shares firsthand what works and what doesn't. Most of us have no idea that many of the decisions we make in our lives are based on unsolicited gifts of ideas from our parents, educators and religious exposure. Although we may initially deny it, most the decisions that we make as adults, are not our own. This is the reason that we so often see children following in the steps of their parents, whether they want to or not. Now is your chance to step out of that cycle and create a different, more prosperous life for yourself and it all starts with a decision. Our minds are powerful tools, and they can create any reality we choose to envision for ourselves. Whether in your life, business, career or your relationships, you can achieve your objectives, and Shawn gives you the proven methodologies you need to make them a reality. Refuse to allow skepticism and fear to cloud your judgment, focus on what you want and not on what you don't want. This book is your first step to creating the life you desire, the business or career you have been striving for, the relationships that you seek and the wealth that you yearn for. Often we become fearful, and we tend to focus on what we don't want to happen instead of what we really want, which keeps us from achieving our goals. This book is your first step to creating a better, more rewarding and powerful life. Start getting what you really want out of life!
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