Ray Blunt

Crossed Lives-Crossed Purposes

Philosophy & Religion
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Description: Thomas Jefferson and William Wilberforce were born at a time of great, dangerous challenges where unprecedented revolutions in thought, governments, worldview and culture swept in. Their lives, from their beginning tragedies down to their calling and early commitments to end slavery, make their stories even more amazing. Powerfully formed as leaders by exceptional mentors and lifelong supporters, they were sustained in their difficult journeys through several critical forks. While each experienced the early failure to abolish slavery, eventually one man backed away from his responsibility while the other became a globally recognized leader of mercy to the oppressed. Why the so-called tyrant monarchy, England, was led to dissolve slavery peacefully and why the first democracy formed in liberty wasted six hundred thousand lives for the same end remains a conundrum to this day. Even more puzzling is why, despite fierce opposition, Wilberforce persisted to lead this victory while Jefferson failed to do so. This even deeper question reveals much about the power of purpose, of beliefs, worldviews, and what constitutes true success. In the end, their competing stories produce valuable lessons apt for our equally perplexing times. Whether an aspiring, young leader, one who seeks to shape the next generation, or a student of history, the reader will find here answers to important questions we all share. For those interested in further resources for leadership development, worldview, history, finishing well and other themes from this book, visit the website at http://crossedlives.org Endorsements: ""Crossed Lives--Crossed Purposes is no mere retelling of the intersection of two great men with a pivotal chapter in human history: the abolition of slavery. In the book, Blunt challenges both current and future leaders to heed the lessons gleaned from his careful study of Wilberforce and Jefferson. Effective leaders must be prepared to apply the principles thoughtfully outlined in this book to sustain commitment to purposes that matter, and finish well."" --D. J. Smith, Entrepreneur ""In an era desperately in need of leaders with integrity, this insightful comparison of the lives of Wilberforce and Jefferson offers powerful lessons for our lives today. It challenges us to avoid compromise and self-seeking and to embrace servant leadership, grounded in transcendent principles and power, and to persevere in it to our life's end. Whether in political life, family life or anything between, these truths will help you live a life that really counts."" --Thomas A. Tarrants III Vice President of the C. S. Lewis Institute ""Ray Blunt beautifully weaves together the lives of two of history's great men--and in doing so reveals compelling new insights about the importance of a leader's world view and how mentors influence that world view. This inspiring and thought-provoking story also teaches us much about the importance of a clear life mission and how a leader's allies can help him accomplish that mission."" --Don Jacobson Founder of GovLeaders.org ""Ray Blunt has told an important story of two men who shaped history, for blessing and for curse. Born out of years of labor and learning, this exceptional book tells a tale that was waiting to be told, and no one knows more about it than the author. A book from the generations, for the generations--and the world will be different, if we have ears to hear."" --Steven Garber Principal of The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation & Culture About the Contributor(s): Ray Blunt teaches leadership, theology, and worldview to the next generation of leaders, wh
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