Sammy Mapes

Elysian Fell

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Elysian Fell takes the reader through an existential stop-motion dance of story-telling, philosophy, poetry, and spirituality! The book follows a successive generation of preachers from countrified Tennessee starting in 1832 down to modern day advanced Louisiana. A few characters show up along the way, but they are simply mirrors of the media surrounding them. The book asks the reader to ask himself the question, what does it mean to live. Is one living, or is one simply swimming in the bath water arranged for us by others outside of ourselves? Why seek, when what you seek is causing you to seek! Mr. Mapes' book shows out the disrelation to the relation. How else might one speak of braying colors, pearly sounds, seen meaning, or touching voice. When two people discourse, what ground, or style of foresight, do they tread upon? Is it a grassland tongue? Does one see only, or hear only? In the order of things what comes first? We think it's technology by itself! However, what gives rise to a particular form of technology? Like a medicine one injests, technology is eaten in a metaphysical realm, so be careful what is eaten. Can a computer, a cellphone, or a televsion disturb the natural balance we have when we are younger? What is a trip to the shrink all about? Might it simply be a disturbance in our proportion. Violence comes to us when we see too much! I've got to find out who I am! If one put off technology, the lost senses come back. This is the thread running through the book. We stand in judgement of so many things! How have we come to this high summit? So, suspend petty reckoning, and grasp the percipient experience of the nonce. For God's sake let's not be serious!
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