Penelope Dyan

Happiness Is. . .

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Happiness is many different things to many different people. Some happiness is fleeting, like getting a brand new bicycle that you have wanted for a long, long time. You are very excited to get it, but after awhile you seem to forget how happy it once made you feel. On the other hand, there is another kind of happiness that sticks with you, and that is the happiness award winning author Penelope Dyan writes about in this book. Read this book and decide what kinds of things really make you happy, because the things that make you really happy are the very best things in the whole wide world. These things are the stuff of life that make us who we are. Penelope Dyan is a former teacher, and an attorney and writer who makes books for kids that are really for kids, and that's how she gets them thinking. Some kids feel so comfortable with her they tell her what to write about in her next books. And guess what? She follows their advice! This is why she is not surprised when someone tells her, "You captured my great grandmother perfectly," or "My mother is just like that." Besides that, Dyan writes about a lot of things from her own childhood, and she tries to carry the joyful heart of a child within her. Jesus tells us in the bible we must be like a little child to enter the kingdom of God, and Dyan holds this statement as true. If we all change our hearts, and become as little children, not only will we enter the kingdom of God, Dyan believes we will have heaven on earth. And it doesn't matter what faith you are to have that. All you have to do is think and feel like a child, and you will most certainly find happiness and innocence and joy.
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