Eutel White

What about Me?

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What about Me? This is the story of a girl called Danielle whose life is disrupted from an early age by the separation, and subsequent divorce, of her parents. The story is her recollection of the events in her life and her various thoughts that she often shares in her diary. At the age of 5 her father abandons her and her mother in search of his own freedom and at the age of 12 her mother goes on a `holiday' which lasts for years. She is forced to stay with her aunt in the Midlands, much to her dismay. It is there that she is humiliated privately and publicly by her cousin and forced to do the majority of the work around the house. Despite the disappearance of her father rather early on, she idolises him and hopes that he will come and rescue her. However, it is actually her Grandma that becomes her saviour and takes her in. After a few failed attempts at reuniting with her father Danielle realises that her family truly consists of only her and her Grandma. Life with her Grandma is a welcome change of pace until the arrival of her Grandma's boyfriend Pete. Pete is an alcoholic and one night makes advances towards Danielle and threatens her. However, when she finally manages to pluck up the courage to tell her Grandma, Pete is thrown out for good. Danielle doesn't realise that she has a problem with the way she views the world until her best friend Nicole becomes pregnant and moves into her Grandma's flat; causing jealousy and tension to flare up. Her Grandma's no nonsense approach to parenting leads her to tell Danielle some home truths about her attitude causing her to make drastic changes to the way she thinks and acts.
© 2012
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