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For All the Mary Magdalenes of the World A spiritual fantasy that presents an alternative morality based on the reservoir of kindness and goodness that abides in the primal instincts and desires of women of passion. A spiritual form of erotica, not for voyeurs or prudes, that reconciles reality with morality, sexuality, and spirituality. Feminists interpreting the scriptures as written while to condemning the white-male dominated evangelical fundamentalist movement may nudge some readers out of their comfort zone, but this compelling new erotic novel that transcends fiction will force readers to redefine God and the rules of engagement in the game of love. This is an adult, erotic fairy tale about one familys journey through life and the obstacles they overcame with their never-ending love, passion, desire, and loyalty. The story begins with the coming of age of Melissa Stark. It chronicles her identity crisis as she struggles with her sexuality and her antiestablishment tendencies, trying to reconcile the way things are with the way she thought things ought to be. The story then becomes interwoven with the fabric of life for the rest of her loving and caring family. Melissa was a passionate, rebellious young girl who came from a long line of fiercely independent, liberated women. In the biblical sense, she was the youngest of three generations of modern-day Mary Magdalenetype nymphomaniacs. Like her mother and grandmother before her, she struggled with her passions and desires as she fought back against the oppressive persecution of the religious fundamentalists. She was a free-spirited truth seeker, wise beyond her years. Her relentless pursuit of the stream of consciousness of a higher power brought her to an Eden-like place full of peace and love and tolerance. The story chronicles the connection between divine intervention and a series of incredible coincidences that made her familys unconventional love come full cycle. This story also explores the inherent connection between spirituality and sexuality that defines us all as human beings and sanctifies our primal essence. The family in this story clung to one another in times of tragedy and loss, and they nurtured one another with love and kindness and understanding. Their love and kindness and empathy enabled them to survive the suffocating dominance and persecution of the evangelical fundamentalists who were envious of their love and passion. This story strongly rejects the pop culture myth that men are from Mars and women are from Venus as a frivolous rationalization that could lead to the acceptance of misogyny and reverse misogyny. This story strongly suggests that we are all from one placeEden. This familys nonpolitical, unbiased interpretation of the scriptures and their unconventional social values may make you question everything youve been carefully taught about God and the rules of engagement in the game of love. You will need to remove all the puritanical fig leaves that have been planted in your brain by society to appreciate the eternal beauty of this family. If any of the scenes in this story are offensive to you, consider that to be your wake-up call. You have just failed the puritanical fig leaf litmus test. You have allowed too many puritanical fundamentalist fig leaves to be planted in your brain by society; its time for you to do some leaf pruning before its too late. Its time to declare your very own spiritual and social Emancipation Proclamation and live and let live. Reconciling reality with normality and morality may well be one of the most monumental tasks any human being can ever undertake. Most folks just put this task in the hands of God and muddle through. The lovable, good-natured children of Eden in this story also delegated this task to God, and it all worked out well for them. You might
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