"Ayoola has her knife on her, since she carries it the way other women carry tampons."

The plot of My Sister, the Serial Killer is exactly what you think it is: Korede's younger sister Ayoola has killed three of her boyfriends in - quoting Ayoola - "self defense". Korede, being the best older sister she is, always helps Ayoola clean the mess and get rid of the body. She is annoyed at her sister, but believes that she acted out of the need to protect herself.
Everything is fine until Ayoola lays eyes on Tade, who is working as a doctor in the same hospital as Korede works at as a nurse. She fears that Tade will suffer the same fade as Ayoola's other boyfriends and tries to intervene...

This book is a dark and funny novel about relationship and sisterhood; mixing present day with childhood memories. The chapters were sometimes short, but always on point.
Korede's thoughts are utterly bright and funny; and were the best part of the book for me.
Another part I liked about the book is the setting: it's set in Nigera, a country I knew of but knew little about. Through Korede and Ayoola, I got some climpses into the Nigerian law system and family life.

I truly recommend this book if you are looking for something raw, something that makes you question morals and responsibilites in the family.
My Sister, the Serial Killer
My Sister, the Serial Killer
Oyinkan Braithwaite
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