My goodness! This book!!! So, I started listening to it yesterday and already knew I loved it, because it made me laugh out loud and giggle all the time and it just made me happy, because it was cute and ridiculous and it had all these good vibes and the holiday setting. Just the perfect feel good book. This morning I planned on listening to one chapter, so maybe around half an hour and now I am sitting here five hours later and I am finished and I am having a big bright smile plastered on my face. I am just incredibly heavy and honestly I want to reread this one already! It was sooo good!!!
Perfect cute scenes, perfect humour, perfect setting, perfect characters, perfect character development and perfect amount of drama!!

Also, I need to get to that character development again for shortly, because in the end Olive is so much more comfortable in her own skin, or rather with her own life and the decisions she has made, because she had been comfortable in her own skin from the very start which I very much appreciate!
And there was one thing in particular about her job that just sticked with me. How she always thought she wanted to have a certain thing and when she did not have that anymore and had time to think about her life she realised that in reality she wanted something completely different. That was some really great advice thrown in there by the authors in my opinion! So, I guess what I am trying to bring across is that while this is a romance book or rom-com and does focus on that aspect of the story, there were still some serious things that I found great!

What I cannot believe, is that this is actually the first Christina Lauren book (or book by Christina AND Lauren, because I found out that this is another author duo) that I ever read. I just cannot understand how I got around their books so long, because THIS WAS GREAT!!! And I certainly need to rectify that by reading all of their other books in the future!!!
The Unhoneymooners
The Unhoneymooners
Christina Lauren
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